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Cinco De Mayo Fab@Cafe Launch Party

BitSence partnered with the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) to run a pilot deployment during the month of May. For Cinco de Mayo, CIC organized a launch party for the first fabrication cafe in the United States at their Boston site. The launch party was a success, and CIC wanted to measure the utility of the fabrication machines (3-D printers, laser cutters, etc.) and of the maker space/cafe in general to gauge the impact of the launch party on visitors’ behavior in the space. To that end, BitSence installed three sensors before the event, and the data on space usage started streaming in that same night.

After a week of data collection, BitSence sent a report of the data analytics findings to CIC and the managers of the maker space/cafe. The managers were euphoric with the results, especially since the footfall measured by the sensors matched very closely with their sales data and the dwell time measured matched the cafe manager’s manual observations of how long people stayed.